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Big Screen Movies

With the unfortunate decline of drive-in movie theatres in the US, an exciting new trend has emerged...

Big screen movies right in your very own back yard. Or your pool. Or your parking lot. Or your church. Or a public park. Pretty much anywhere you can gather a group of 5-500 people, we can show a movie on one of our larger-than-life screens. 


We stock a wide variety of screens, projectors, and sound systems for both indoor and outdoor events, and have packages to fit every event, audience, and budget. 


For a classic "drive-in" movie feel, we even have an FM radio transmitter, so guests can sit in their cars to watch the movie, and tune in to the movie soundtrack on their car radio.


For public movie showings (outside of a private home environment) a movie license from SWANK Motion Pictures is required. Our event planning and production team can handle all of the details, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is a complete success. 


Please Contact Us for more information, and to schedule a no-obligation event consultation and quotation.

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